On sleep, the fickle nectar of the gods

  • Aaron crashes before bedtime -- and mom and dad pay the price later.
Aaron crashes before bedtime -- and mom and dad pay the price… (Courtesy of Judah Kelber )
October 10, 2012|By Sarah Kickler Kelber | The Baltimore Sun

Last night before I left work, my husband sent me the photo above, with the caption, "Dinner is exhausting." Aww, how cute, we both thought. He'd been eating his Cheerios and yogurt melts to finish up his dinner while my husband was cooking in the kitchen, and just conked out.

It wasn't all that long before Aaron's usual bedtime, and he put him down in his crib.

Ahh, an easy bedtime for the little guy, we both thought.

Annnnnnd ... not so much.

A bit after I got home he woke up, and we tried to give him the bottle he'd missed and put him back to bed, but he was totally unglued. On and off until nearly 11, he was a disaster. First, he was really mad. Then, after he finally calmed enough to have his bottle, he was a lot happier, but tired? Not really. He just wanted to party. He stood on my lap, he grinned, he tried to rock the rocking chair himself, he broke out in many rounds of applause, he giggled. Anything but sleep.

Finally, finally, it occurred to him just how tired he was, and he went back to sleep, at least for a few hours.

Moral of the story: conking out in the highchair is cute, but it can wreck the routine.

Where are some of the funniest places your kids have fallen asleep? Did it mess up the rest of bedtime?

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