Second Obama term would be disaster

October 09, 2012

Here are just some of the reasons President Barack Obama should not be and must not be reelected.

While Americans struggle to survive in this bleak economy, President Obama is deliberately bringing the economy to its knees. His actions have driven gas prices to the limit. Mr. Obama is supporting amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

He is supporting government takeover of private industry and is trying to punish businesses that create jobs. Mr. Obama has stuffed the courts with liberal judges and socialist ideologists, and he is trying to create new undue gun control measures. He is anti-Israel and sides with the Palestinians and Hamas.

President Obama, by asserting executive privilege, has changed the nation's welfare program. The welfare program had been a rousing success, enabling many to improve the quality of their lives.

The millions of dollars that the Obama administration poured into Libya and Egypt is being used against us now, and this disaster could and should have been foreseen by the White House.

The total lack of any strong U.S. leadership now is shown all over the Middle East. You just do not apologize to rioting mobs killing Americans and tearing down U.S. flags at consulates and deserting our only and best friend Israel to go it alone.

Just look at all the damage Mr. Obama has inflicted on Americans the last four years and start realizing his reelection would be a disaster. We can not afford four more years of Barack Obama.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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