Vince McMahon brings a little entertainment back to Raw

October 08, 2012|By Adam Testa

Vince McMahon may have unwittingly provided the answer to America's unemployment campaign.

Apparently, you can show up to the job you were removed from months ago, pretend nothing has changed and go about your business. And as long as you suck up to the customers, they'll ignore the facts of the recent past.

The corporate management of WWE has become a clustered mess of chaos that only seems to be brought up when it's convenient for the sake of storytelling.

Is McMahon still the chairman of the board? Is Triple H still the COO? Is Brian Gerwitz still the head writer of Raw? Will John Laurinaitis show back up and claim his spot as vice president of talent relations?

Regardless, McMahon showed up in an authoritative role and tried to give a "State of the WWE" address. It went about as well as one may expect, with WWE Champion CM Punk interrupting the affair.

Punk and McMahon had a really strong back-and-forth verbal exchange that ended with Punk slapping McMahon - a physical symbol of the seven years of metaphorical slaps that Punk has received from the boss.

McMahon challenged Punk to a match later in the show, drawing yet another comparison between and allusion to a connection between Punk and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

When it came time for their "match," I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. What we got was a lot of fun. If someone watched it as a critical analyst, it would make no sense for an elderly McMahon to be tossing around the WWE Champion.

But as a fan who allowed himself to get caught up in the fun, it was a harmless brawl that was a fun ride while it lasted. McMahon and Punk beat each other with kendo sticks, until Punk low-blowed the boss.

Ryback emerged, Punk tried to escape, John Cena threw him back to the wolves. Ryback nailed a huge lariat on the champ and almost hit Shell Shock. This was by far the biggest rub Ryback has gotten yet.

In the end, as Punk escaped through the crowd, McMahon told him he will defend the title against either Cena or Ryback at Hell in a Cell. He has until next week to decide.

This will likely end with Punk vs. Cena, as it should be, but Ryback has made a bigger star in the past few weeks than he has in months of meaningless squash matches. I'm still not sold on the big man, but I like that WWE is actively trying to make a new star.

I never thought I would enjoy a Vince McMahon segment this much in 2012, but I was proven wrong.

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