Marriage TV ads start running

October 08, 2012|by Annie Linskey

A group opposing same-sex marriage in Maryland began airing television commercials Monday morning that say children reared by their biological parents are best off.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance, which paid for the ad, has yet to provide supporting material for that claim. We will add to this post when they do.

The commercial is very similar to an anti-same-sex marriage ad that debuted recently in Minnesota. Both ads stress that the institution of marriage has been around for a long time, that marriage is about "more than what adults want for themselves" and make the claim that "children do best when raised by their married mom and dad."

The Maryland ad includes an interesting disclaimer that does not appear in the Minnesota spots: It allows that divorce and death also contribute to situations where children are raised outside of a nuclear family.

Supporters of same-sex marriage are expected to air their first commercial on Wednesday. They used the opponents' ad this morning in a fundraising email.

The full text of the Maryland Marriage Alliance ad is below:

Marriage – the union of a man and woman, has served society well for thousands of years.

Marriage is more than what adults want for themselves, it is also about the next generation. Marriage provides children the best chance of being raised by a mother and father. While death and divorce too also prevent it, children do best when raised by their married mom and dad.

Everyone is entitled to love and respect. But nobody is entitled to redefine marriage.

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