Predictions for Orioles-Yankees American League Division Series

October 07, 2012

Here's a look at how our Orioles Insiders see the American League Division Series against the New York Yankees playing out:

Eduardo A. Encina

Orioles in 5

Can't pick against the Orioles now. The O's will feed off the crowd today, as will Game 1 starter Jason Hammel, who fought to get healthy in time for this moment. I like the idea of going with Miguel Gonzalez in Game 3 in Yankee Stadium in a huge momentum game. He's shown he can win there. In my eyes, the Orioles only need to win one of two at Camden Yards. They've won all three series at Yankee Stadium this year, so there's no aura and mystique in the Orioles' eyes.

Dan Connolly

Orioles in 5

The Yankees are the better team all around. They were my pick to win the AL in March. But this season has been filled with so many inexplicable victories for the Orioles that it's hard to pick against them now.

Peter Schmuck

Orioles in 4

I've learned my lesson. There's no percentage in betting against this new form of Oriole Magic. O's take the first two at home and win the series in four games.

David Selig

Orioles in 5

Looking at the pitching matchup and the way Texas had hammered them all year, the Orioles were a legitimate underdog in the wild-card game. That's not the case in this series. The O's have proven they're on par with the Yankees by splitting the season series (9-9) and taking the AL East race down to the final night. With the better manager and better bullpen, they'll find a way to move on again.

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