The Maryland Dream Act is a win-win proposition

October 04, 2012

Supporting the Maryland Dream Act, which allows children of undocumented immigrants who have graduated from a Maryland high school to attend state colleges and universities at the same in-state tuition rate as other residents, is a win for them and for the state of Maryland.

Brought to this country through no choice of their own, these undocumented children think of themselves as Americans. They have played on sports' teams, gone on class trips, attended birthday parties and "hung out" with children of American citizens. Their hopes and dreams for a productive and happy life depend on getting a quality education.

Maryland has already invested in these children through their high school education. It makes sense to educate them in college to the fullest extent of their potential to be productive future citizens of this country. Who knows the talents they bring for the enrichment of our society?

Having good jobs and paying taxes is better for our state than supporting people who don't have the tools to be productive citizens. Voting for the Maryland Dream Act is a win-win proposition.

David Pollitt, Catonsville

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