Letter: Concerned about Walmart traffic

October 04, 2012|Letter to The Aegis

The following letter was sent to Planning and Zoning and the Advisory and Development Committee in Harford County government. A copy was provided for publication.   

Sir, I would like to express my concerns, which are many, but I will state mostly the ones which have a major negative impact on my community as a homeowner in Bright Oaks.

I am mostly concerned about traffic and safety along with other items. Common sense alone as far as traffic, should be enough to stop Walmart to build here. Traffic alone is horrendous and congested already as it is without the addition of 10,000 vehicles a day added to it and a traffic light won't alleviate the problem if Walmart builds here.

We also have three schools in the vicinity, which would add to a community hangout for kids at Walmart, and a firehouse that was built down here specifically because the traffic is bad enough already for emergency vehicles: fire, police, EMT and ambulances to get through. Again, I say traffic and safety are our main concerns, but also higher crime in a residential neighborhood, lower property values, noise pollution from traffic and tractor trailer delivery vehicles, day and night when we are supposed to be sleeping, light pollution even with down pointing lights, environmental pollution from Walmart, including an automobile repair facility to the construction.

If a traffic light is placed across from Bright Oaks Drive, that will put heavier traffic on Bright Oaks Drive as a short cut to traffic. The streets are narrow, houses and cars line the streets and children play in the front yards.

I am sure that you are probably aware of the above and I feel these problems can be alleviated by denying Walmart to locate here. I believe the Harford Planning and Zoning and the Development and Advisory Committee, along with the Maryland State Highway Agency have the power to do this for the concerned citizens. Thanks and appreciation, respectfully,

Sal Grifasi

Bel Air

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