Marylanders duped by cash prize scheme to get refunds

October 04, 2012|Eileen Ambrose

So many times on Consuming Interests we warn you about some fake letter or email being sent out from what appears to be a legitimate source.

This latest one is real.

Maryland’s Consumer Protection Division has sent out letters to some residents, telling them they will be getting a refund after being duped by a Las Vegas company two years ago. That company, National Awards Service Advisory, sent out mass mailing to residents here, telling them to send in a $20 fee to claim their cash prize worth up to $3.4 million. (The company also operated under the name Prize Information Bureau and State of Maryland Commissioners of Registration.)

According to the state, “When consumers responded by paying $20 fees to claim their prizes, instead of receiving any cash payments, they were sent lists of sweepstakes and prize offerings where they could separately enter to win prizes. The company was also charged with falsely holding itself out as a Maryland government agency.”

That was two years ago. Anyway, consumers are now receiving letters from the state about their small refunds and some wonder if the notice is the real deal.  It is.

The letter is supposed to tell you how to claim your refund. If you still have questions, call the agency 410-576-7231.

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