Michael Phelps named GQ Russia's International Man of the Year

(GQ Russia )
October 03, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Lest anyone had any doubt what a year Michael Phelps has had, behold this: GQ's Russian version just named him International Man of the Year.

Phelps made the cover of Russian GQ's current issue, looking, well, rather sexy in low slung sweats, and a leather jacket over an unzipped hoodie. One pretty much notices the abs first.

Ryan Lochte is no doubt seething.

And girlfriend Megan Rossee must be proud, proud, proud.

Wish we knew, however, what the headline says about Phelps. It's got to be about the abs, right?

Phelps posted the cover on Facebook this afternoon, writing: "GQ Russia, International Man of the Year, so cool! What an honor!"

Greatest Olympian of all time. Now International Man of the Year.

How to top that in 2013, Mike?


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