Pat McDonough's hypocrisy resurfaces

October 02, 2012

I should have been surprised to read Del. Pat McDonough's letter to the editor in the Sunday, September 30 edition, but sadly, I was not. ("Towson melee not the same as Inner Harbor crime.") He, like many conservatives, failed to see the hypocrisy in his beliefs.

Young people join gangs when they see few other options available to them. They cannot easily find another pathway that will lead them out and beyond this culture. Yet in the same letter in which he blames a single mayor for this worldwide problem (and blames an "event promotion" for the same type of behavior in the county!), he admits that he spent his evening at an event opposing the Dream Act — the legislation that offers young people with few options the opportunity to go to college at a reasonable cost.

Is it just me, or does this make absolutely no sense? You take away the opportunities and courses of action available to young people and blame them for choosing one of the very few left available. Kind of like blaming seniors and disabled veterans for being "dependent" on government help, no?

Kris Appel, Baltimore

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