On Towson melee, Rodricks needs to check his facts

October 01, 2012

Unfortunately for your readers, Dan Rodricks' column on the Towson melee was long on rhetoric but short on facts ("Refs, retail politics and a quiet delegate: After the Towson melee, wondering what happened to Pat McDonough," Sept. 27).

When the Baltimore County Police deemed that the crowd gathered near the Towson Circle was overwhelming, their first response was to call for back up; then they enlisted the help of the Maryland State Police.

There is no shame in asking for help, and using the resources of the Maryland State Police is something I've long advocated for in Baltimore City.

Secondly, had Mr. Rodricks done his homework, he would have found out that in fact, the overwhelming majority of the crowd and the violence that ensued came from Baltimore City.

Fact checking is important. As an experienced journalist, Mr. Rodricks should know better.

James Brochin, Baltimore

The writer represents Baltimore County in the Maryland Senate.

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