Towson melee riles McDonoughs

October 01, 2012

Letter writer Thomas F. McDonough recently called for the firing of someone at The Sun for failing to report that the melee among young people in Towson Circle last week was caused by "marauding bands of black youth" ("Why no mention of race in Towson disturbance?" Sept. 27).

On the same day, columnist Dan Rodricks took Del. Patrick L. McDonough to task for referring to the young people involved in a similar disturbance at the Inner Harbor on St. Patrick's Day weekend as "roving mobs of black youths." Perhaps the Messrs. McDonough ought to get together on their nomenclature.

I have tried to avoid anything that might give even the appearance of interfering in newspaper management decisions since my brief experience as a Sun rural carrier some 30 years ago.

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to speak out and demand that The Sun seriously consider firing Mr. Rodricks for failing to join Messrs. McDonough in sounding an alarm about the danger of youthful black hordes overrunning Central Maryland — and perhaps even the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

Even if the decision is made to retain Mr. Rodricks, he should certainly be counseled by more seasoned members of The Sun editorial staff on the importance of refraining from attacks on such iconic figures as Delegate McDonough and the Rev. Al Sharpton, both of whom do yeoman service in giving self-righteous indignation a bad name.

Bootz Mercer, Baltimore

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