And IndyCar track at Sparrows Point?

October 01, 2012

Regarding your report that Sparrows Point is again up for sale, due to past uses of the land there's not much that can be done with now. However, it could make an excellent site for a race track.

With the Baltimore Grand Prix IndyCar race supposedly a success, maybe it is time to try finding interested parties to operate a track. Sparrows Point can never be turned into housing, but a huge track with bleachers would be perfect.

There are many racing enthusiasts in Maryland and many actually race their own vehicles. There are 12 other racing facilities around the state, but none in Baltimore. Most of them are just for drag racing and motocross.

But with a permanent IndyCar, NASCAR or Formula One track, Baltimore could become another huge all-round sporting city.

Daisy Sudano, Baltimore

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