Moronic Sun editorial on tasteless tweets

October 01, 2012

Your editorial on Katie Moody's tasteless tweet was either written by two different people in two different worlds or is a prime example of the lunacy that is all too common in our culture today ("Offensive tweet, outrageous response," Sept. 27).

In the same editorial, Ms. Moody's right to free speech, however moronic, was defended, while the rights of her equally moronic respondents were dismissed out of hand.

No doubt most of those respondents hid behind some cowardly pseudonym, which is detestable. But we're talking about the written word, which more often than not is forgotten when the morons sober up.

Forget Internet morons, though. It appears as if we have morons on The Sun's editorial board as well. Your remark that "a violent reaction to unpopular speech is clearly not unique to the Arab world" is, in the context of the issue at hand, just about one of the dumbest things I have ever read.

To compare Internet commentary in the U.S. to the rioting, looting, fire-bombing, raping, mutilating and murdering in the Arab world is offensive, but I can't say I'm surprised to see such views coming from The Sun.

Stephan G. Fugate

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