McDonald's employees forced into freezer in South Baltimore

October 01, 2012|By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun

Two armed men forced employees at a Fort Avenue McDonald's into a walk-in freezer and demanded cash from a safe, but one was nabbed after the store's general manager was able to call police. 

Southern District officers were called to the restaurant, in the 800 block of E. Fort Ave. in the Riverside neighborhood, at 11:05 p.m. Saturday for a robbery in progress, and observed that all the lights in the store were turned off. Two men had entered the store wearing masks and carrying handguns, and ordered the employees into a freezer, police said. 

The attackers took the manager into an office and ordered him to open a safe, but the manager said he did not have a key, police said. He was then ordered to go to the register and bring them into the office, which he did. The suspects dumped the contents of the drawers into backpacks - but they weren't satisfied. 

They told the manager to call the general manager, and to claim that there was an emergency that required her to come to the store, police say. While the manager was on the phone with the general manager, he was able to get out of earshot of the suspects and tell her that there was a robbery taking place. She contacted police. 

The first officer on the scene entered the store and saw one of the suspects run out of a back door, police said. The officer gave chase until the suspect was forced into an area of the Southside Marketplace shopping center blocked by a high fence, and the suspect was placed into custody. 

Police said one suspect - 23-year-old Darryl Bostic of East Baltimore - was charged in the robbery but that police are searching for the second suspect. Bostic is being held on $780,000 bond on charges of armed robbery, five counts of false imprisonment, and related charges.

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