People cutting back on doctors visits

October 01, 2012|By Andrea K. Walker

Americans are making fewer visits to the doctor even if they are in poor health, new U.S. Census data has found.

Working age adults visited the doctor about 3.9 times in 2010, down from 4.8 visits in 2001. Older people were more likely to visit a doctor than younger people, as were women compared to men.

For those who defined their health as fair or poor, the average number of annual visits dropped from 12.9 to 11.6 during the period.

Americans were even less likely to visit a dentist. About 59 percent of people visited a dentist in the last year, compared with 73 percent who had seen a doctor.

Hispanics were the least likely racial or ethnic group to see a medical provider, as 42 percent never visited one during the year.

See the full report here.



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