'Revenge' Season 2 premiere recap, 'Destiny'

  • In the wake of last summer's events in the Hamptons and with the ante even higher, what will Emily's next move be?
In the wake of last summer's events in the Hamptons and… (Karen Neal, ABC )
October 01, 2012|By Meagan O'Neill

Like last year, this season of "Revenge" kicked of with a traumatic scene from Labor Day weekend, where we are led to believe that Amanda has sank and a guy (Jack, if the pocket watch is to be a clue) has drown. But of course, we will be left wondering about this for the next few months, because where do shows begin in the Hamptons? Memorial Day, of course.

All of our regular favorites make their way back to the Hamptons as they prepare for the kick-off to summer and Victoria Grayson’s annual art auction, even though Victoria is no longer in the picture. Though she can’t possibly have been with Daniel for more than 5 months (didn’t he and Emily break up around New Years?), Ashley has taken over the role of Victoria, and is ready to take her place as Queen of the Hamptons.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, we get a peak into Emily’s intensive training, and also wonder if Takeda is still Team Emily. We also get clarification that while Amanda was gone she was with Takeda, but she certainly doesn’t seem to have taken much from his ‘training’.

Amanda is spending her time waddling around The Stowaway, which Jack has stopped caring about, and the Health Department has shut down. Jack’s depression is making me depressed, and this story line better perk up. Emily hints to him that the baby might not be his. I’m unsure of what I think of this baby situation. It is clearly the only thing keeping Amanda and Jack together, and it works out a little too perfectly for Amanda. Now Amanda has volunteered to take a test, but I feel like she is too smart to get any paternity results aside from Jack.

Emily’s quest to find out the mystery surrounding her mother’s disappearance has me very confused. Had she been told her mom had died? She seems to remember so many things about her childhood clearly, you would think she might remember something about her mother before now. Also, if, as Nolan insinuated, Victoria Grayson was the one who had her mother declared “cray cray”, where was her mother when she and her father moved to the Hamptons and met the Graysons?

And speaking of Victoria Grayson, “HOLY MOLY!” (are we really expected to believe that would be the word choice of anyone upon hearing that this devilish lady who was behind the man who tried to kill you? Ahem, Nolan?). Judging by the previews, it seems she won’t be remaining in hiding too long, so Ashley better enjoy her time in the spotlight, because she is going to be booted back down to minion before she has time to unpack her bags in the Grayson home. 

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