'The Real Housewives of Miami' recap: The Marta-Joanna-Roman fight

  • Joanna Krupa.
Joanna Krupa. (Mark DeLong/Bravo )
September 30, 2012|By Bailey O'Malia

It’s all drama at the club on this episode.

After living in America for years, Joanna’s boyfriend Roman finally becomes a U.S. citizen. “I owe everything to this country,” said Roman, who came to America from France with just $1,000 in his pocket. He worked his way up from restaurant host to successful club owner and Joanna invites all the housewives to join them to celebrate 10 years of success at Roman’s club, Mynt. But it doesn’t end up being much a celebration.

Before the party the girls meet up for sushi and champagne. Marta and Joanna get into a fight over Roman. Marta says that Joanna never defends her, but Joanna feels that all she does is defend her.  The girls blatantly discuss Elsa’s bad plastic surgery at the pre-party and Adrianna is shocked.

When they arrive at the club, Adrianna openly flirts with Roman in front of Joanna, and Joanna proceeds to have a breakdown, but for a different reason. She is crying because her sister’s ex-boyfriend is there. Joanna throws a temper tantrum and gets mad at Roman, Marta, and the girls. When Joanna starts crying Roman decides to avoid the situation altogether, and he leaves his big night.

At Lea’s meeting for her charity, Elaina shows up.  Elaina is a drag queen who thrives on drama. She makes it clear that she has a problem with Marysol. Marysol and Elaina get into a fight at Mynt. Lea threatens to tell the truth, but never reveals it.

Outside of Mynt, the drama in Miami isn’t so ridiculous.

Marysol meets with an editor from Ocean Drive. She will be featured in the magazine for her successful business and socialite status.

Lisa admits that her maid, Daysy, is essentially a paid friend. Lisa spends so much time talking to Daysy about life that she never gets around to cleaning the house. Freda, Lea’s housekeeper, is enjoying a similar cushy situation.  Freda doesn’t clean; she has her own computer, her own home, and a driver. Lea even does Freda’s hair and teaches her to swim.

During Karent and Rodolfo’s Skype chat, she tells him about Ana’s accusations at last week’s party.  Rodolfo wants Karent to ignore the girls — could this be because he is guilty?

Ana isn’t ready to finalize her divorce with Robert, even though they have been separated for two years and her current boyfriend wants to call things off until the divorce is final. Ana’s daughter Beba doesn’t have a problem talking about the divorce, or her father’s sex life with his new girlfriend.

Can you say inappropriate?

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