Police are 'up on the roof' for Special Olympics of Maryland

News Briefs

September 29, 2012

People looking for Westminster Police Chief Jeff Spaulding on Sunday, Sept. 30, might try Dunkin' Donuts.

That's not a gag. Spaulding and two Maryland State Police officers —Capt. Jim DeWees and Lt. Rob Stryjewski — were scheduled to spend Saturday and Sunday on the roof of the doughnut shop in the 140 Village Shopping Center as part of a drive to collect donations for Special Olympics of Maryland.

The effort is part of the national "Cops on Rooftops" fundraiser. The Westminster-area officers had a goal of $7,500 — and vowed that they would not come down until it had been collected.

Dunkin' Donuts customers and the general public may stop by to support the officers in their efforts to raise funds and awareness.

Along with those on the rooftop, other officers and Special Olympics Athletes will greet customers inside and outside of the store, passing around donation jars. Those who wish may also go to http://www.copsonrooftops.com to donate.

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