Concerns over fracking not 'unfounded'

September 27, 2012

In a recent article about opposition to conversion of the Cove Point liquefied natural gas import terminal to an export terminal, The Sun reports that: "The gas industry says such complaints (about pollution) are unfounded and that any problems related to "fracking" are isolated cases" ("Dominion's LNG export bid sparks legal dispute," Sept. 21).

If that is the case, why does the gas industry oppose the repeal of federal legislation exempting hydraulic fracturing from the Clean Water Act, The Safe Drinking Water Act and the so-called "Superfund" Act covering disposal of toxic wastes? If industry believes fracking is safe, it should have no fear of the same pollution control laws that apply to the rest of American industry.

Chris Yoder, Baltimore

The writer is chair of the Sierra Club's Greater Baltimore Group.

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