Letter: Presentation on proposed pathway design missed the bus

September 27, 2012

I was disappointed with the presentation on the Pathway Design Criteria for the multi-use pathway to connect Town Center to Oakland Mills. The pathway was described as a "transportation facility for all users."

This pathway was designed for pedestrians and bicycles only. There was no mention of supporting transit users nor was there any mention of the potential for shared transit use on parts of the system or finding a solution for replacing the pedestrian/bike bridge over Route 29.

This oversight is puzzling considering the support that the concept of a new Bridge Columbia over Route 29 has gathered. The CA Board unanimously endorsed the project. Howard County budgeted $600,000 for preliminary design for the bridge as well as the pathways leading up to the bridge. In other words, Howard County is investigating the use of transit buses on portions of this very same pathway. Finally, I would think HHC would like a new iconic bridge structure over Route 29 to bring attention to their new Columbia Town Center.

The presentation as it related to pedestrians and bicycles was excellent and very professional, but without considering transit, I think they missed the bus.

John Slater


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