Letter: Letter's portrayal of biblical teaching was incomplete

September 27, 2012

In criticizing Maya Thakar for quoting the Bible of out context, Thomas Cook Jr. gives an incomplete and, a growing number of Christians would say, inaccurate portrayal of biblical teaching ("People should not use Bible to justify gay marriage," Sept. 13). Jesus did not simply seek enforcement of Old Testament rules; he sought the demonstration of love in order to fulfill the law.

Jesus actually did recognize homosexuality as bestowed by God in some cases (Matthew 19:12, "eunuchs ... born that way"). And among Christians there is growing recognition that the Bible tells us to accept homosexuals. In Acts 8, the disciple Philip encounters an Ethiopian eunuch interested in God's word and converts him to become a follower of Jesus. Philip does not admonish the eunuch for his sexuality, he simply accepts him into the faith.

Some will say that the Bible still doesn't allow for same-sex marriage. But it didn't exist in ancient times, so why would we expect the Bible to specify it? The Bible doesn't specify in vitro fertilization or the ordination of women either, but many Christians now allow for these practices.

Justice demands that we allow same-sex marriages so that homosexuals can live in committed, monogamous relationships, too.

Todd Reitzel


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