'Survivor Philippines' recap, 'Don't be blinded by the headlights'

  • Angie sure isn't doing herself any favors by wishing she had cookies if she could change anything about the game.
Angie sure isn't doing herself any favors by wishing she… (CBS )
September 27, 2012|By Beth Aaltonen

Previously, the tribes were dotted with past contestants and minor celebrities, and I somehow managed to mix up Brandon and Colton from "Survivor: One World."

How I managed to mix up Brandon and his Crazy with Colton, I don’t know (but thank you to Todd Mallett for pointing that out to me in the comments!)

Zane thought he was being all sneaky-like and good with the strategerizing when it totally wasn't necessary, and ended up going home.

Back from Tribal Council, Russell is dealing with the feeling of actually having been on the chopping block. For about the millionth time in only two episodes, he claims that he will be taking a step back, and letting the others leads. Actions speak louder than words, my friend.

Malcom and Angie seem to be getting close, but Angie claims they were cuddling only because they were so cold. Roxy seems to think that Malcolm is falling for Angie's "booby trap." I don't know, it worked for Rob and Amber (although they were pretty much the only ones).

At Tangdang, they're also complaining about the cold. If it's so damn cold, RC, why don't you put some clothes on instead of running around in your underwear?

Anyways, while RC is running around simultaneously freezing and wearing next to nothing, she finds the Immunity Idol clue in the rice, which she shares with Abbi-Maria. Speaking of Abbi-Maria, she's getting jealous of RC and Mike's relationship, which seems to be mostly in her head. She's making a huge deal of it, which is putting RC off quite a bit.

Jeff is already admitting that the game is getting to him, and that his knee is not in good shape.

Jonathon is still obsessing about the Immunity Idol. So, once again, instead of spending some time with his tribemates, and bonding a bit, he stays back at camp to look for the idol while the rest of his tribe goes to a nearby cave to build a fire and get out of the rain.

I wonder if the other tribes know that Kalabaw has a cave. With the amount of rain they seem to be getting, I'd be living in that thing.

Jonathon gets rewarded for his crazy, as he find the Immunity Idol, which turns out to be the bull decoration on top of the rice box. Hence the clue that the Idol is "right under your nose."

Back at Matsing, it's still cold, and Malcolm and Angie and still cuddling, so Roxy wants one of them to go home. Preferably Angie, since Malcolm is more useful. Russelll agrees with her, and Malcolm picks up on the vibe around camp.

At Tangdang, guess what? It's raining! They're complaining about not having anything to eat. Lisa is not dealing well with the social part of the game. The rest of the tribe thinks she's off looking for the Immunity Idol, when in reality, she's just leaving to get away from them because she feels so awkward with everyone.

I feel bad for her, but at the same time, if you've got some kind of social anxiety, perhaps "Survivor" isn't the best place for you. I've watched a lot of seasons of "Survivor" at this point, and I find that most people tend to underestimate the importance of the social part of the game.

The rain is relentless, and everyone is pretty miserable. At Matsing, it's mostly Roxy; she complains she's not "in her comfort zone" and falling apart because she hasn't slept well, and is away from all her friends and family.

Did no one explain this game to her before she signed up? She's also very religious, and her mood improves so much as soon as the sun comes out that she starts talking in tongues.

Denise earns big points with me for pointing out that, no matter what your belief system, you shouldn't be asking God for help on a reality show, and instead, digging deep and helping yourself.

Challenge time! It's a puzzle game, and reward for the first place team is pillows, blankets, and a tarp, while the second place team gets a tarp.

Russell is actually true to his word, and tries to get a consensus about who will run twice, but both Roxy and Angie plat out refuse to do it. Kalabaw is the first will all their puzzle pieces back, with Matsang and Tangdang not far behind.

No one except Matsing seems to be listening to their puzzle caller, Denise, who endears herself to me further by comparing the puzzle to Tetris to explain how she wants a piece moved.

Tangdang starts listening to Lisa, and they finish first. And it's close, but Kalabaw ends up coming second, sending Matsing to Tribal Council for the second time in a row. Man, it sucks to be Matsing right now.

Early call? Either Roxy or Angie, but I'm sure I feel that way because that's the conclusion the editors have led me to. I'm leaning towards Roxy, but only because she turns into a major downer every time it rains, and it rains a whole lot.

Back at camp, Roxy is practically foaming at the mouth about Angie. I don't know if there's something we haven't been shown, but she's having a very strong reaction to Angie, who, apart from being mildly useless, is pretty inoffensive.

Denise has figured out that she's stuck in the middle between Russell and Roxy and Malcolm and Angie. I think she'll vote out Roxy, because she doesn't trust her, and because she's already allied herself with Malcolm.

Tribal Council time! Angie sure isn't doing herself any favors by wishing she had cookies, if she could change anything about the game. Roxy is just full of righteous indignation. She really doesn't agree with whatever is going on between Angie and Malcolm, if anything. She's coming off really, really, judgmental, and I kind of hope she goes home because she bugs me.  

As Angie says when she votes for Roxy, "I can't stand you, and I won't miss you."

And it's Roxy! The only time she lifted a finger was to point it.

Next time: Russell is unhappy about how the game is going, and Mike injures himself. Again.

Credits: Roxy gets in one more dig at Angie and Malcolm, but is mostly gracious.

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