'Glee' recap: Makeover

  • Blaine as Robin in a bow tie. Yes!
Blaine as Robin in a bow tie. Yes! (FOX )
September 27, 2012|By L'Oreal Thompson

This week on "Glee" it's all about makeovers. At the beginning of the episode, Blaine professes this is his year and I couldn't be happier. It's about time we get more Blaine. So he signs up for every school club imaginable while singing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" and even signs up to run against Brittany for school president. Seriously, more guys should wear bow ties. I'm going to start a petition.

Across the country, Kurt has an internship interview at Vogue.com. Senior editor Isabelle Wright aka "Vogue's rogue," played by Sarah Jessica Parker, interviews Kurt. Full disclosure: I am not the biggest SJP fan and she annoyed me in "Sex and the City," which is probably why I hardly ever watched it. But in "Glee," not so much, I actually like her. She's very encouraging toward Kurt and offers him the internship.

Back in Ohio, Brittany asks Artie, whom she believes is "part robot" to be her running mate. She later introduces Sam to Blaine Warbler, as she calls him, and suggests Sam becomes his vice president. Then Brittany challenges them to a debate. Later, Artie says most people want to go to the debate to hear Brittany say something stupid. I'm not going to lie, that's totally why I would go, too.

As the director for the winning show choir, Mr. Schu is asked to sit on the rules committee but he admits to himself that's he's all out of ideas. He's lost his "oomph." There's an opportunity for Mr. Schu to make a difference by advocating for show choirs on a blue ribbon panel and, after getting some encouragement from his fiancee and school guidance counselor, Emma, he decides to go for it. If he makes it though, he'll have to leave William McKinley High School and New Directions for several months.

After Rachel gets made fun of for her outfit for the upteenth time, Kurt suggests it may be time for a makeover. So they break into the couture vault at Vogue and Isabelle catches them in the act. But instead of freaking out, she encourages them and they all break into song: "You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile."

During a video chat date, Kurt is really excited to tell Blaine all about the video he shot for Vogue and fails to help Blaine pick a bow tie for the debate. Aww, poor Blaine, I would totally help you. Right before the debate, Sam suggests Blaine ditch the bow tie because it makes him look "uptight and like a young Orville Redenbacher." Whaat?! Nooo!

At the debate, Artie goes on and on and on about his platform. From "the Twitter," someone asks Sam if he's ashamed he was a stripper. Sam says no and proceeds to give us a little striptease a la "Magic Mike." Take it off!

Side note: Brittany looks good (read: smart) in glasses...as long as she doesn't open her mouth. During her speech, she declares she'd make school year round and abolish weekends because she loves WMHS so much. Needless to day, Brittany and Artie do not win.

Back in New York, Isabelle sent Kurt's video to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and she replied "great." So Isabelle tries to talk Kurt into going into fashion design because he has a knack for it. Geesh, I wish Isabelle were my mentor back when I was an intern!

Brody compliments Rachel on her new look and they sing "A Change Would Do You Good" through the streets of New York. Yes, a change would do yo good. So forget Finn and upgrade to Brody. I should start a petition for that, too. Rachel offers to make dinner for Brody and we all know what that means. No girl offers to cook for a guy, unless she likes him (or is that just me?).

Anyway, Brody and Rachel share secrets. He was obsessed with Ace of Base when he was younger. Rachel received her first love letter at 8 and corrected all of the kid's grammatical errors (omg, I'm Rachel Berry!). And they kiss...finally! But, of course, there's a knock on the door. Rachel's expecting it to be Kurt and...it's Finn! What?! Isn't he supposed to be in the Army?

Tune in next week to see which one of our beloved couples has reached the end. Who will it be...Will and Emma? Kurt and Blaine? Or Rachel and Finn? (Are they still even together, I mean, really?).

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