Restoring the harbor to health

September 26, 2012

Tony Tochterman and his wife say the prospects for a fishable and swimmable Inner Harbor by 2020 remain at best uncertain ("Vision of fishable Inner Harbor by 2020 is murky," Sept. 23). They are probably closer to the truth than the Waterfront Partnership and the mayor, who speak optimistically about their Healthy Harbor plan.

If there is a real plan for restoring the harbor to health, I'd like to see it. A substantive plan would set goals and assign priorities. Rhetoric alone won't get us there.

The presence of trash in the harbor is a visible sign to residents and visitors that we are not getting where we need to be. It's not only unsightly but a major public health hazard.

We need bold moves to get Baltimore City moving in a different direction. That is the only way to realize a safe and healthy Inner Harbor by the year 2020.

Raymond D. Bahr, Baltimore

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