Our newest blogger is blindsided by her beach proposal

September 26, 2012|By Katie Mercado, For The Baltimore Sun

A year ago Sam proposed on the beach in Ocean City and the moment was absolutely perfect! And it’s a great story to share (but I’m a little biased), so here you go:

On a normal Wednesday evening, before a lazy weekend away at the beach with friends, Sam tells me we can't stay where we were planning because "contractors" (I should have known then!) were going to be doing work on his parents’ beach condo. My initial reaction? Okay, let's just stay home. Surprisingly, Sam stayed completely calm about this and didn't really fight me on it. Little did I know, he was freaking out. And then, my friends came to the rescue. Needless to say, they fixed it: I decided to go and the weekend was off to a good start.

We did a little bar crawl on Friday night, followed by some beach time on Saturday (the weather was amazing for early October) and then started getting ready for pictures on the beach with all of the girls and boys (I also should have guessed then when the boys were dressing up too and wanted to join in the pictures). I, on the other hand, wasn't such a fan of the photo idea...it was supposed to be a sweatpants weekend, after all. But of course I joined in, got all dolled up and was ready to get the pictures started. The only problem -- everyone kept stalling, especially Sam. After he finally finished his beer we walked down to the beach. Now before getting onto the beach I should also mention that we got stuck in the elevator…which I thought was pretty funny; everyone else, not so much.

So, now we're on the beach. The girls get a few shots and then the boys (a little too eagerly) want their turn. As I'm watching the boys get their group shots I notice some familiar faces walking toward us on the beach. My initial reaction: "Who are those people and why are they here?" Needless to say, it was my family coming toward us (they were staying where the "contractors" were doing work). At that moment, everyone backed away from me and Sam came closer. Of course, I'm already crying and cannot believe I didn't catch on to this sooner. Sam got down on one knee and the rest is history!

The next best part, Sam made reservations for all 20 of us to eat at Tequila Mockingbird where we enjoyed awesome nachos (my fave) and fish bowl margaritas, followed by dancing at Fager's Island!

It was everything I would have ever dreamed of and completely perfect!

I’d love to hear engagement stories from other brides-to-be or from those just dreaming about their moment!

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