After Tuesday, daylight dips below 12 hours

  • The sun sets over Baltimore for the second-to-last time in summer 2012, as seen from Patterson Park on Sept. 20.
The sun sets over Baltimore for the second-to-last time in summer… (Scott Dance/The Baltimore…)
September 25, 2012|By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

Sunshine is in the forecast again today. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Tuesday is the last day of the year with more daylight than darkness -- by about 30 seconds. The sun rose at 6:57 a.m. and will set at about 6:58 p.m., for a total of about 12 hours and 30 seconds of daylight. 

But the length of daylight is shrinking by about 2 1/2 minutes every day as we move past the autumnal equinox toward the winter solstice. On Wednesday, the sun will rise a minute later and set about two minutes earlier, with daylight for about two minutes shy of 12 hours.

This phenomenon occurs a few days after Saturday's autumnal equinox because of our location in the northern hemisphere.

Daylight won't outlast the darkness again in Baltimore until March 17, three days before the vernal equinox.

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