What Romney and Machiavelli have in common

(L.A. Times/David Horsey )
September 24, 2012

I didn't always agree with the late talk show host and Sun columnist, Ron Smith, but he always encouraged listeners to think. The video of Mitt Romney discussing the electorate was a good example of this. Ron might have dug a little deeper into his wealth of knowledge and reminded us that this was not just a rambling dialogue, but a long-held belief of how political leaders gain power.

He most likely would have reminded us that Machiavelli in his 1532 classic work, entitled "The Prince," described in detail how princes gain power and hold on to it. Machiavelli wrote, "A prince should be concerned for the people he governs only to the extent that such concern strengthens his hold on power." It seems that Mr. Romney was not the first to come up with this same idea. I bet Mr. Smith would have voted for Ron Paul as a write-in candidate.

Robert Jervis, Pasadena

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