Tropical Storm Nadine still circling in Atlantic

  • Tropical Storm Nadine is still circling the Atlantic Ocean, about two weeks after it first formed.
Tropical Storm Nadine is still circling the Atlantic Ocean,… (National Hurricane Center )
September 24, 2012|By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

It was about two weeks ago that a young Tropical Storm Nadine spun around near the Caribbean and East Coast, though the storm ended up circling back east toward the Azores. Here it goes again.

The storm reformed as a tropical cyclone Sunday morning, having moved through the Azores and degenerating into a post-tropical cyclone. A post-tropical storm is a former tropical cyclone that still has heavy rains and high winds but no longer has tropical cyclone characteristics, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Nadine was first named as a tropical cyclone Sept. 11, and it reached hurricane status less than a week later, holding that strength for Sept. 15-17. After circling back in the Atlantic and passing over the Azores off of the African coast, the storm was declared post-tropical on Saturday.

Over the next few days, conditions are expected to become more conducive for tropical storm development, and Nadine is moving toward warmer waters, according to the hurricane center. But beyond that, there is more uncertainty over the storm and the factors affecting it.

Forecasters expect the storm to move westward and then southwestward as other weather systems approach. The storm is now about 440 miles due south of the Azores and isn't expected to move far over the next several days. Models have it about 400 miles to the west by this weekend, still thousands of miles from North America.

The zombie-like storm is the only thing worth watching in the tropics at the moment -- no other systems appear likely to flirt with tropical storm status in the coming days. Will we see a Tropical Storm Oscar in 2012? That remains to be seen.

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