Hines Ward with NBC Sports now, but still feeling the Baltimore 'hate' today

He's afraid someone would 'spit' on his crabcakes during stay for Sunday night game

  • NBC's Hines Ward says he's feeling the Baltimore 'hate' as he arrives in Baltimore for tonight's game
NBC's Hines Ward says he's feeling the Baltimore…
September 23, 2012|By David Zurawik | The Baltimore Sun

Former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver and longtime Ravens nemesis Hines Ward has a new job as analyst for NBC's "Football Night in America." But he's still feeling the old "hate" when he comes to Baltimore.

Ward, who will be working in Baltimore tonight during the prime-time matchup between the Ravens and New England Patriots, posted this little chronicle on the "hate" he received on his journey to Baltimore for the game.

Judging for all the parenthetical "haha's," I'm guessing there's some tongue in cheek from Ward here, but he was a much better receiver than he is a writer, so I am not so sure.

Here's a bite:

... When I get off the plane in Baltimore, the fine people at NBC have the car service guy hold up a sign under an alias name because they don't want people to see my name in Baltimore. I get to the hotel and the lady hands me my key to my room and says, "thank you for staying with us today Mr. Ward, and by the way I HATE you" (Haha). I go to my room and the cleaning lady recognizes me from DWTS. She congratulates me but says, "I still don't like you" (wow). Now I love crab cakes. It's one of my favorite foods and Baltimore is known for their awesome crab cakes. But I'm too scared to order any from room service because I don't want to be poisoned or have someone spit on them....

Read it all here: https://www.facebook.com/officialhinesward/posts/10151081221550945

What do you think?

Anything you'd like to say to Mr. Ward about his fear his crab cakes in Baltimore will "be poisoned" or someone will "spit on them"?

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