Cam Cameron: Receivers should expect a lot of contact

Ravens offensive coordinator said receivers have to work through contact and get separation from opponents

September 21, 2012|By Edward Lee

With replacement officials continuing to work NFL games indefinitely, there is a theory that defensive players will take advantage by being more aggressive with opposing receivers to disrupt their timing with their quarterbacks.

That may not be far-fetched, but Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said the coaches and receivers can’t concern themselves with the holding and grabbing they can expect as they run their routes.

“Defensive guys are allowed to jam you and even grab and hold you,” he said Thursday. “That’s what you do. We play through contact. That’s our philosophy. We are going to work technique, work through contact. That will be huge this week.”

The Philadelphia Eagles had success getting physical with the Ravens receivers. Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith were targeted just a combined nine times and finished with a combined four catches for 58 yards.

Jacoby Jones did score on a 21-yard strike from quarterback Joe Flacco, but that was his only reception of the game.Meanwhile, Flacco targeted tight end Dennis Pitta and running back Ray Rice 15 and 10 times respectively.

Nonetheless, Cameron said he has faith in the receivers to work through defenders using their hands.

“I have a lot of confidence in our guys getting through, working through the separation,” he said. “The windows are probably a little tighter, but that’s part of this league. That’s always been our approach. It really hasn’t been a topic of discussion for us as much as it has been for everyone else.”

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