Freedom to Marry joins same-sex marriage effort in Maryland

September 21, 2012|by Annie Linskey

Freedom to Marry, a national pro-gay right group, has opened a political action committee in Maryland, and will start raising money here.

"It is the home stretch and we want to be able to do all we can do in Maryland. We believe there is a real path to victory," said Evan Wolfson, the founder and president of FTM.

So far the organization has put about $3 million into the other three states with same-sex marriage questions on the ballot, but has not put cash here. The group's early decision to stay out of fund raising for Maryland was seen by some as a vote of no-confidence in the state.

Wolfson brushed off that criticism, saying that he's always believed Maryland could pass same-sex marriage on the ballot as long as the funding and organization for a state-wide campaign. "I've always said you have to do the heavy-lifting," he said.

But he cautioned: Maryland, he said, is further behind in fund raising. "There is a clear path to victory if Maryland gets the resources it needs," he said. "We wanted to send a call to action to everyone, we all need to do what we can in all the states."

In November, Marylanders will vote on whether to uphold a new law that permits gay marriages in the state. Maine, Washington state and Minnesota are voting on similar measures this year.

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