Apple Maps goof-ups can be found in Baltimore too

  • The cruise ship Spirit of Baltimore shows up on land, according to Apple's new maps app.
The cruise ship Spirit of Baltimore shows up on land, according… (Apple Maps )
September 21, 2012|By Tim Swift, The Baltimore Sun

So it's an established fact that Apple's new Maps App is a epic fail. With missing cities, "melted" bridges and dams and even a duplicated island in Asia, Apple's maps roll out has been anything but smooth. But what about maps for the Baltimore area? I took a swing through the Inner Harbor to see what mayhem I could find and the results were worth of a giggle or two.

Among the findings:

  • The Spirit of Baltimore (a small cruise ship) has run aground near Light Street
  • Light Street also now has a drive-thru cupcake joint. The Ooh La La Cupcakery is in the middle of the street.
  • Noodles and Company has moved from the Harborplace Pavilion to the sidewalk outside of the Gallery Mall. I guess they'll save on rent.

Reader Kevin Cross has written in with some more flubs. You'll find these uptown in Mount Vernon. Park Avenue and Biddle Street have merged into Park Biddle Avenue. And St. Paul Street suddenly turns into the previously unheard of "Calvert Place" just south of Mercy Medical Center.

The city doesn't have a monopoly on mistakes. A reader from Catonsville pointed out that the long closed Westview Mall is still open for business on Apple Maps. Maybe I can pick up a few things from the Hutzler's! The mall was converted into an outdoor shopping center in 2002.

Another reader, @bwatsizzle on Twitter, noticed that Towson University is looking a little barren compared to its Google Maps version. The Apple Map only marks the baseball field and the football stadium. Eh, academic buidlings and dorms are so passe anyway!

While these aren't as dramatic as some of the examples coming out of Europe and Asia, I'm sure there are plenty Baltimore-area goofs to be found. If you know of one, e-mail me at and I'll update this post.
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