Goodbye (sort of) from a real estate wonk

September 19, 2012|Jamie Smith Hopkins

It's been a good run as the real estate wonk -- five years of blogging and even longer writing stories about the never-dull housing market -- but the time has come to pass the baton.

Colleague Steve Kilar, who's been covering commercial real estate, is taking over residential as well. Which should make life easier for the poor souls who, in years past, were never sure which reporter to contact about mixed-use developments. It will also mean a broader array of real estate news and tidbits on both this blog and the @RealEstateWonk account on Twitter, which Steve is also taking over.

Please welcome him and suggest interesting stories. (Interesting stories are the best sort of welcome.)

I'm not leaving, by the way -- I'm still covering the regional economy as always, and I've picked up manufacturing and energy to fill the gap left by housing. So please suggest interesting stories on those beats to me, and perhaps follow me on my new Twitter account, @jsmithhopkins, which (alas) is starting from scratch. That'll teach me to blog under a tongue-in-cheek title rather than my own name.

Thanks to all of you who have commented here, emailed me and shared your experiences in stories. You helped shape my understanding of the market and how it affects us. There was no crazier stretch in my lifetime to cover housing than the last decade, and if the ride wasn't exactly fun, it sure was eye-opening. 

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