Letter: Obama's words on building businesses cynically taken out of context

Letter to the editor

September 18, 2012

Your reader Debbie Yeagley replied in your issue of Sept. 13 to my earlier letter about a sign posted in North Laurel that claims that government-free enterprise is being practiced there.

I beg to clarify one issue. The headline on my published letter was not supplied by me, but by the Leader, as is usually the case with letters to the editor. That headline used two freighted words, "misguided" and "boasting," that I would probably not have used myself.

In answer to Ms. Yeagley's questions and assertions, I have never owned or run a business, and that's fortunate, because I would probably be terrible at it, especially one "literally" built out of blood, sweat and tears. I was also not offended by the sign in North Laurel, but I was irked and dismayed that Mr. Obama's words, "You didn't build that," were cynically taken out of context by commentators who know better and are now being spread by people who cannot be bothered to think.

Had Ms. Yeagley read further down than the headline I didn't write, she would have seen that I was challenging the notion that a person can build a business with no help from the government in the form of infrastructure, utilities and public safety.

Writing two letters has consumed all the energy I have for this absurd debate. I will now look elsewhere for something to be irked and dismayed about. Shouldn't be too hard to find something.

Elden Carnahan


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