Letter: Nothing biased or irrational about heeding Scripture

September 18, 2012

McClelan's distorted viewpoint ("Flawed assumptions litter argument against same-sex marriage," letter, Sept.13), asserting the Old Testament "requires a woman to marry her rapist," comes from the verse being read out of context.

Sam Shamoun ("OT and Rape,") says misinterpretation results from incorrect translation from Scriptural Greek or Hebrew. He clarifies that "taphas" means "taking her" and "…shakab [refers] to voluntary…acts between consenting parties." He explains, "In [OT] places where rape is mentioned, none use the word taphas …" Deuteronomy 22:28-29 simply exhorts a man removing a girl's purity to marry her. (See Bahnsen's "Pre-Marital…Relations: What is the Moral Obligation..?") Permissive societies may not agree, yet the Bible never sanctions rapists marrying victims.

Rather than bolstering her implicit suggestion (an outdated, nonsensical Bible), McClelan elucidates to the contrary, furnishing another verse indicating how seriously God regards sexual relations. Created in His image, we have precious (procreative) gifts, making us like Him. The annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah was undoubtedly chastisement for misusing this treasure. A hedonistic world naturally has difficulty conceiving of such a notion!

Heeding Scripture is not biased or irrational. Individuals are free to accept or reject it but cannot with impunity alter its messages. Caricaturing a deity held dear to so many smacks of bigotry.

Meg Foeckler


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