Glen Burnie Walmart shoppers to be confronted with giant, bloodied, inflatable pig

Mercy For Animals will protest the practice of confining pregnant pigs in tiny crates

September 18, 2012|Baltimore Sun Staff

Shoppers seeking to spend their rainy Tuesday running errands at the Walmart in Glen Burnie will be confronted with a 10-foot tall inflatable pig, standing in a cage and showing open, bleeding wounds.

The animal rights organization Mercy For Animals is protesting Walmart's use of pork suppliers who confine pregnant pigs in tiny crates, where they are unable to lie down or turn around.

According to Mercy For Animals, the practice is banned in nine U.S. states and the entire European Union. Retailers Kroger, Safeway, Costco and McDonald's have recently required suppliers to phase out the practice, a press release said.

"Walmart pork suppliers are guilty of horrific cruelty to animals," Mercy For Animals national campaign coordinator Phil Letten said. "Pork sold in Walmart stores comes from pigs who are abused, neglected, and sentenced to lives of extreme confinement and deprivation in crates."

According to the organization, hidden-camera footage recorded at a Walmart supplier shoes pregnant pigs  living in fly-infested cages in which they barely fit, with open, bloody wounds and infections. The footage also shows piglets being abused.

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