Kennedy Center to elevate arts education in Baltimore

Organization will conduct comprehensive study, implement long-term program for grades K-8

September 17, 2012|Erica L. Green | Erica L. Green

Baltimore City has been chosen as the next school district to receive a comprehensive arts-education program from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the organization and city officials announced Monday.

The program, "Any Given Child," will create a long-range arts education plan for Baltimore students in grades kindergarten through eight, and will be tailored specially for Baltimore city students by incorporating resources from city schools and other local arts organizations, according to a release. 

The Kennedy Center will begin devising Baltimore's plan--which aims to have little administrative costs by partnering with renowned arts organizations and the local Arts Every Day program--with a comprehensive audit of arts education in city schools, which its consultants will conduct in the next six to nine months. The Center's staff and consultants will be taking stock of the arts offerings in the district, and across the city.

It will then begin implementation, the organization said, with community committees making recommendations to the school district and local arts groups on how to best roll out the plan . In the meantime, city educators and artists will be able to take advantage of Kennedy Center resources, such as supplemental lessons with online interactive learning modules.

“Baltimore is home to a thriving arts community,” Michael M. Kaiser, president of the Kennedy Center. "The Kennedy Center wants to ensure that every child receives a solid, meaningful arts education from kindergarten through eighth grade. A consistent arts education improves students’ intellectual, personal, and social development.”

Baltimore joins other cities like Sacramento, California; Springfield, Missouri; Portland, Oregon; Southern Nevada; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Sarasota, Florida; Austin, Texas and Iowa City, Iowa in the partnership.

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