Dan Deacon's iPhone App: The new future of concert-going?

  • Dan Deacon, Baltimore electronic musician, created an iPhone app that can synchronize with his live performances.
Dan Deacon, Baltimore electronic musician, created an iPhone… (Dan Deacon )
September 17, 2012|Gus G. Sentementes

Dan Deacon, a Baltimore electronic musician and composer, is known for his participatory shows, where he involves the audience in his performances.

Now, the artist has an iPhone app to hook his fans in even more.

The Dan Deacon iPhone app is a free download and it can be used at Deacon's shows, even without an Internet connection. The app turns the iPhone into a kind of smart sensor that detects the music that Deacon is playing, and can synchronize the app screen, with changing lights, and the camera flash.

Sun reviewer Brandon Weigel was at a Deacon show this past weekend, and he describes it best for the Midnight Sun blog:

In a moment that can only be described as pure joy, fans waved their phones, which the app had programmed to alternate colors on the screen and illuminate the phone’s camera flash, as Deacon and Gwazda harmonized the soaring "Ah-ah"s of the chorus with what looked like hundreds of fireflies in the crowd beneath them. The pairing of the ebullient song and the powerful visuals was simply spectacular. 

I don't know if this type of app and interactive concert-going experience has been done before with smartphones, but Deacon definitely has his hands on a pretty neat concept that may be worthy of patenting. 

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