No wonder Obama's not running on his record

September 14, 2012

If I were President Obama, I would not try to defend my record of the last almost four years and instead ignore it completely, depending on charm rhetoric and likability for reelection ("Obama's downsized ambitions," Sept. 9). Certainly there has been little either in domestic or foreign policy to point at with pride, now culminating in the sacking of our embassies overseas and the murder of an ambassador in purportedly friendly countries. Our attempts at making allies in the Muslim world has been an abject failure.

For domestic policy, a paraphrase of that classical song "Just another day and three more billion of dollars in debt" summarizes our sputtering economy with 8.1 percent unemployment and much more in underemployment or individuals who have given up the job search.

For President Obama, my advice is to stay away from a serious discussion of economic, domestic and foreign policy and depend on the voters liking you as a person.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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