Street chic: Top trends spotted on Fashion Week attendees

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September 13, 2012|By John-John Williams IV, The Baltimore Sun

You'll have to wait until next year to get the looks that debuted this week on the runways of New York. But, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week works on parallel tracks. There are the trends of the collections, and then the trends of the attendees, who are among some of the most stylish people in the world.

Here are several of the themes that reigned supreme off the runway this week:

Studded details: We saw them everywhere from high-heels to handbags. Studs provide a nice pop of edge.

Patterns: Mixing and matching is key. This takes a certain eye and a bit of courage.

Metallic pants: At the designer denim DL1961 show, I was amazed by the number of attendees wearing metallic pants in copper, teal and gold. These pants are perfect because they give you a shiny appearance without being too formal.

Christian Louboutin heels: Everywhere you turned there was another woman sashaying by in a pair of the highly coveted heels.

Heel-less wedge: Don't ask us the secret to walking in this creation popularized by the late Alexander McQueen. We don't know. But there were numerous women rocking them all week long — especially the pairs adorned with studs.

Every color except for black: Usually a New York staple, the dark hue got knocked aside for bold, bright colors such as green, red and purple. The darkest color we saw was Olympian blue.

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