Letter: Flawed assumptions litter argument against same-sex marriage

September 13, 2012

I am disappointed in the narrow-minded view of the Sept. 6 letter, "Same-sex marriage amounts to experimenting on children."

The letter-writer states that "Marriage across time and culture has always been a loving, committed relationship between a man and a woman." This statement does not take into account that over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. What about unhappy marriages where a woman or man is being beaten or verbally abused by their spouse?

She also states that "marriage provides a safe environment for children and connects them to their biological parents". How about children who are being abused by their parents, or loving families who have adopted children? "Same-sex couples cannot produce a child." She does not state here the fact that many married heterosexual couples also cannot produce a child. Does this make their marriage any less real?

The definition of marriage has evolved and changed over time. The Bible states a man is permitted to have several wives and concubines. It also requires a woman to marry her rapist. Do we still follow these rules? Of course not.

Excluding same-sex couples from the benefits of marriage is discrimination, and nothing more. I personally know several friends with LGBT families and they are well-rounded, happy adults. I don't believe it is just to withhold rights to a group of human beings, particularly if the reasons for doing so are not based in fact.

Kathy McClelan

Ellicott City

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