Conservatives: Move to swing states

September 11, 2012

I am a subscriber and read The Sun every day, and I force myself to review The Sun's editorials and commentaries. I do this to stay informed about the oppressive activities of the ever present liberal government leadership in this beautiful state. Two articles written by Susan Reimer and Paul Jaskunas ("Presidential campaign 'legitimately' toxic?" and "A false self-reliance") in the Friday, August 24th edition of The Sun are examples of the typical political climate that is alive and well in Maryland. These articles are proof that Maryland is totally liberal with absolutely no respect or tolerance for opposing opinions such as those presented by the GOP. With what I read in your editorials and commentaries, I plan to move out of Maryland after I retire in two years.  

You see, I am a conservative Republican, and I want my vote to count. In a state like Maryland that is so obviously liberal, and where the Democrats seem to be permanently entrenched, my vote is not going to count in terms of the way the Electoral College assigns its delegates, but I do very much believe in the way the Electoral College votes are assigned.

In Ms. Reimer's commentary, she states "I am so relieved that I don't live in a swing state." She also states that "I can sleep through Nov. 6 and wake up knowing that Maryland's Electoral College votes will be safely in President Obama's pocket." Mr. Reimer wants to stay in her own little cocoon of liberalism in Maryland, whereas I want to be immersed in the truly patriotic duty of listening to what both sides of the political spectrum state, and then to vote even when I know it is hopeless. Even when things seem hopeless the American voter should always vote for who he or she believes in.

I also do not agree with the article by Paul Jaskunas, but I kept reading it anyway. When I got to the part of his article when he said, "... Mr. Romney, Mr. Ryan and their ilk are believers in market based efficiencies ..." it almost forced me to throw away The Sun for that day. We are all blessed to live in this country and say what we think, but many times the believers on the left are forced to spew their vile and venom in what they say and write.

I feel that Susan Reimer's commentary and Paul Jaskunas' op-ed are very representative of the political climate in Maryland. I have lived in Maryland since 1970 and have voted in each election, but I wonder if this will be my last vote in a presidential election in Maryland.

Nelson C. Allen, Ellicott City

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