Connolly's Bar: O's without Markakis and Ravens vs. Bengals

September 10, 2012|By Dan Connolly | The Baltimore Sun

The bar is open again.

Has to be for a season-opening Prediction Monday, the ugly sister of Prediction Friday.

Let’s make a prediction for the Orioles and Ravens today, and make it real simple.

Give me a winner, score and player of the game for the Ravens-Bengals’ Monday Night Football game.

And let me know if you think that Nick Markakis’ injury is finally the thing that veers this surprising Orioles’ club off track.

I say, no. And I’m sure of you are snickering. I haven’t been exactly driving the Orioles’ bandwagon this year.

But I said about a month ago that I believe the Orioles will be in the postseason hunt during the last series of the season. And I am sticking with that – even with the Markakis’ injury. These guys have been resilient all year. I think they have one more hurdle to leap over. I say they get a Wild Card spot.

As for the Ravens, I say they win 27-16 against the Bengals. No-huddle Joe is the star of the game with three TDs.

What says you?

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