Our newest bride-to-be blogger reveals her secret planning weapon: A flip-a-coin app

  • A flip-a-coin app.
A flip-a-coin app.
September 10, 2012|By Rachel Gatulis, Special to The Baltimore Sun

Sometimes I have to stop and think, how did I get so lucky? I found the greatest, most incredible guy who is crazy enough to marry me. It is both terrifying and thrilling. For me, the most terrifying part, so far, is the wedding planning. It can be very overwhelming. Luckily, Andrew is organized, prepared and has an unhealthy obsession with Excel spreadsheets. I, on the other hand, am forgetful and often find unfinished “To-Do” lists in various bags, jacket pockets and under the seat in my car. What do we need to plan? Won’t there just be a fabulous celebration with all of our favorite people on June 1st?

We are a perfect match.

Andrew and I have our friends to thank for our introduction. There was a collision of home and college friends across multiple levels that I won’t even begin to explain -- love Smalltimore. I first noticed him when we were out at NcDevin's. He was pouring his heart and soul into a terrible rendition of Lisa Loeb’s “Stay.” He wasn’t even reading the words on the prompter. Swoon.  There were a few more group outings, followed by a handful of dates, and all of a sudden, four years later, we are getting married! Details on the engagement to follow.

I am a little nervous about chronicling my successes and failures as a Baltimore bride-to-be. I am not the most creative or decisive person you will ever meet. I downloaded an app on my phone that is a virtual coin I can flip for the really tough wedding decisions.  It is remarkable how often I use it. Andrew and I are seasoned wedding guests so we’ve picked up quite a few ideas along the way but I understand there is a very fine line between borrowing and stealing a friend’s brilliant and unique wedding idea. Reminder: Figure out how to be productive on Pinterest.

I am lucky to have the most loving and supportive family, friends and fiancé. They will be the ones who help tie ribbons around whatever things I decide need ribbons the morning of, and they are also the ones who will talk me off the ledge when I listen to the coin and chop off all of my hair the night before the big day. This is going to be fun!

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