Fashion Week trend: Children

  • Ashanti Thompson, of Staten Island, with her daughter Kali Glasgow, 4.
Ashanti Thompson, of Staten Island, with her daughter Kali…
September 10, 2012|By John-John Williams IV, The Baltimore Sun

One of the most interesting accessories at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been children.

From celebrity stylist June Ambrose taking her daughter to the hottest shows throughout the city to random women hoisting infants on their hips like a Birken bag, children have been in full force.

"Women have been celebrating motherhood," said Alice Ntam, a D.C.- based image consultant. "When was the last time you saw stylists have children? Now it's like a celebration of that."

My favorite was a woman leading around her 4-year-old. who was wearing a sheer lace front dress with pink jelly one-inch heels.

Another woman, Ashanti Thompson, said she brought her 4-year-old daughter, Kali Glasglow, with her to Lincoln Center so that she could see actual black models in person.

"I wanted her to see the range they had," the Staton Island resident said.

Ashanti appeared to be well on her way to being a model in her own right. She worked her black tutu dress, pink leggings and sneakers.

Atong Arjok, a top model, brought her 3-year-old son, Athiey, with her to work at the GenArt Fresh Faces show where she was modeling.

"I normally don't take him along, but today is his birthday, and I wanted him here with me," she said.

Athiey was used to it. He modeled in his first advertising campaign at 9 months for Nordstrom, she said.

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