God, Jerusalem and the platform: Democrats not so democratic

September 09, 2012

What a fiasco we witnessed at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte N.C. this week ("'A we're-all-in-this-together society," Sept. 6). It looked like it was planned by three blind mice. First they were going to have this show of numbers by busing in thousands of Democrats from neighboring states to fill the stadium. While this would not be a true show of Democratic popularity, the DNC was willing to put out the money to do this for propaganda purposes. Then there was to be a huge fireworks display. Perhaps if people wouldn't come for the convention, then they would entice them with a fireworks display. Then suddenly the stadium event was canceled. The stated reason was because of the threat of rain. Some quarters suspect that the DNC couldn't get enough people to fill the stadium so they canceled rather than be embarrassed by a stadium only half-full.

This, of course, canceled the planned fireworks display.

Then someone, perhaps Fox News, noticed that the Democrats had left out God and Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel out of their platform and made it public. The DNC scrambled to get a vote on an amendment to put these omissions back in the platform lest they offend God-fearing folks and the Jewish voters. There was a voice vote on this amendment that required a two-thirds majority to pass. The convention chairman asked for a voice vote and it sounded about even. He asked for a second vote. It, too, sounded about even. So he asked for a third vote and again, the vote sounded about even. It was quite apparent to any fair-minded person that the "ayes" did not number two-thirds, but the chairman had the gall, in front of thousands of delegates in the arena and millions watching on TV, to call the amendment passed by two-thirds majority. He not only was willing to perpetuate a fraud on the public at large, he perpetuated a fraud on his own party.

I would like to know who would trust a man or a political party who openly lies about the result of a vote that was witnessed by millions. If he (or they) have the gall to lie about the election result that millions know was not so, how in the world could we ever trust them to tell the truth about less public issues? The DNC should hang their heads in shame and the people of the Democratic party should demand that justice be done in this matter.

James R. Cook, Joppa

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