Entrepreneurs, not government, made progress possible

(KAL/Baltimore Sun )
September 09, 2012

Your recent editorial ("We built that," Sept. 3) clearly shows that along with President Barack Obama you do not understand America's entrepreneurial history — the engine which is the basis of the great and unprecedented economic and social progress and achievements of the United States.

Of course, only government can provide the infrastructure for a functioning society — roads, bridges, levees, educational systems and all the other services that are the basic functions of government and serve all of the people. No credible or reasonable person contends otherwise. Therefore, your erroneous assertion that President Obama's clear and unequivocal statement "If you've got a business — you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen" was actually referring to government investment in infrastructure such as bridges, roads and levees and not to individual entrepreneurs distorts the clear meaning of the president's words.

Fortunately, among all the people who benefit from governmental functions and services provided to all, there are those exceptional people who, by reason of their determination to better their economic and social status, their ingenuity, resourcefulness, willingness to work extra hard endure sacrifices and to scrimp and save, accumulate a nest egg and then daringly put it all at risk by establishing a new business or other enterprise. These are the people who are the foundation of the American miracle, not government. In Mr. Obama's and your distorted view, government is not the servant of the people but rather the very foundation upon which all of America's prosperity and accomplishments have been built. It appears that you both believe that rather than government being dependent upon the people, the people are dependent upon government as the only source of every achievement.

Evan Alevizatos Chriss, Baltimore

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