Ryan's vagueness is showing

September 08, 2012

I agree with letter writer Fred Pasek's warning about "vague promises," but this applies to all politicians, Rep. Paul Ryan no less than President Barack Obama ("What Ryan actually said about that GM plant," Sept. 6).

Mr. Ryan vaguely promises to preserve Medicare for future generations with schmaltzy references to his mom and grandmother, while his policies clearly eviscerate the program. So much for "vague promises," eh? And anybody who thinks Mr. Ryan was on the up and up with his narrative about the plant closure is surely in denial. If you have to parse his sentences to see what he was "really" saying, you can be sure that at least part of his intent was to mislead to score cheap political points.

He's a politician; by definition he's full of "vague promises," right?

Charles Rammelkamp, Baltimore

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