The Sun, the Democrats' handy tool

September 08, 2012

Well, it appears that The Sun, the Democratic Party Journalistic Tool, is in full gear.

During the Republican National Convention, The Sun carried front page convention coverage only the day after Mitt Romney spoke. Otherwise, coverage was inside the paper.

But for the Democratic National Convention, front page coverage began a full two days prior to the convention and has continued every day since. In addition, articles have appeared in The Sun which, for instance, extolled President Barack Obama as the great conciliator between the Democrats and Republicans (never mind his "us" and "them" divisive rhetoric), only to be frustrated in his attempts by Republican intransigence.

Then there have been the editorials trying to cover for, or explain away, statements made by Mr. Obama or trying to support his failures in office. Despite Mr. Obama's statement, "If you have a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else built that," The Sun misrepresented this week that Mr. Obama's quote was taken out of context and was purposefully distorted by Republicans. In another editorial, The Sun urged that "unfair" measurements such as unemployment levels, GDP or other economic indicators should be forgotten about when assessing whether we are better off than we were four years ago. Rather, we should do as The Sun and the Democratic Party directs and just accept that we are all much better off now.

Following Gov. Martin O'Malley's admission on national television Sunday that we are obviously not better off than we were four years ago, the Obama administration, Democrats, Mr. O'Malley himself, and The Sun have attempted to backtrack from that reality admission by repeatedly whooping that we are better off.

I'm confident we can look forward to more Democratic support by the Democratic Party Journalistic Tool as the election nears.

J. Shawn Alcarese, Towson

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